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WDRV Branding

After having worked with folks from 105.9 WCKG (and the Steve Dahl Show) on various design projects back in the late '90s, I received a call from Greg Solk over at The Loop, who wanted to meet with me about a new radio station concept he and his colleagues at Bonneville Radio had that would be needing a brand. I went in for a meeting, and learned confidentially about the new terrestrial station being developed, which would come to be known as 97.1 The Drive. That was 2001... though there have been a few small edits here and there, the logo remains in tact, now 19 years later!

Over the years I've worked on various promotions for The Drive since the initial logo design, including direct mail, concert promotion, laminate design, bus signage, outdoor advertising - the works. Now The Drive is owned by Hubbard Radio, and I continue to work with the sister stations, WTMX and WSHE, and I designed the new logos for each of them as well. More to come on that.

Here are some other design examples from my years working with The Drive (plus a cool selfie of Bob Stroud with the logo behind him in the studio!):

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