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The Morton Arboretum

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

From 2005-2008, Moonshine Design was honored to work on direct mail materials for The Morton Arboretum: the celebrated 1,700 acre tree-focused botanical garden and global research center 20 miles from Chicago in Lisle, Illinois. The goal was to highlight special programs, encourage attendance, and ultimately increase the membership base.

Summer Fun

The direct mail pieces sent out every spring (for summer membership drives) often included several elements: the brochure, the buck slip (a summary of featured events and special offers), the letter to parents, the reply card, the return envelope, and of course the outer envelope to grab attention and engage the viewer to open it up. Mid-summer open house postcards also went out to current and potential members, to highlight new programs and drive attendance.

Fall Favorites

What could be more breathtaking than The Morton Arboretum in the autumn months? The fall mailers were a more streamlined postcard-only or simple folding mailer design, meant to highlight events and entice visitors to come to the expansive botanical paradise to experience the beauty of the changing landscape.

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