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Jose Ramirez - Here I Come

Brand new project from Blues guitarist Jose Ramirez (release date: May 29, 2020). Produced by Anson Funderburgh and featuring performances by Funderburgh, Jim Pugh, Wes Starr, Nate Rowe and The Texas Horns. More information at

From the liner notes:

“This album is the result of many years of hard work and sacrifice — sacrifice that I still experience everyday in order to bring my music to you.

In this project, I was able to fully open my heart and soul. Each song represents a story or experience I have lived through.

This album tells the story of someone who grew up in a small country but had enormous dreams. This is living proof that dreams do come true. Keep pushing... no matter the size of the obstacles. Keep pushing.” — Jose Ramirez

Package elements include:

  • 4-panel digipak design with clear tray and tube pocket

  • 8-page booklet

  • Sticker

  • Facebook cover image

Click images below to enlarge and scroll through:

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